ExpressionEngine Add-ons

GWcode FileInfo

ExpressionEngine plugin to get information about files on your server, such as the file's extension, size, the filename without the extension, file type, the dimensions (if the file is an image), etc.

The plugin provides two tags, one to get information about a single file and one to get information about all files in a directory.

GWcode CatMenu

Create dynamic multi-level category based navigation menus in ExpressionEngine 2.x. The menus will be opened up automatically based on where the visitor navigates to.

Easy to style with CSS, Multi Site Manager compatible and free!

GWcode HasChildren

This light-weight plugin for ExpressionEngine 2.x allows you to check if a category has child categories and then use the result in a conditional. By doing so, you could for example show some content when a category has child categories and some other content when it doesn't.

GWcode Alternate

This simple plugin for ExpressionEngine 1 and 2 lets you rotate through any number of values to create alternations, for CSS classes for example.

I've created this because I needed to alternate colors for categories and the switch variable isn't available for the exp:channel:categories tag.

GWcode Categories

This MSM compatible plugin for ExpressionEngine 1 & 2 allows you to list your categories (nested or linear) based on certain conditionals, such as a minimum depth, maximum depth or fixed depth. It can be used to easily display a category based dynamic breadcrumbs trail for example, or a category's child categories.

GWcode SyntaxHighlighter

This ExpressionEngine 2.x extension adds the ability to highlight code with SyntaxHighlighter from within Wygwam (which is based on CKEditor). I've also created an ExpressionEngine brush, so you will be able to highlight EE code.

It's compatible with both SyntaxHighlighter 2.x and 3.x.