- A little history

This site has been created to host the ExpressionEngine add-ons I've developed.

The "GW" in stands for Gryphon WebSolutions, the name of my company, founded in 2002. Back then (since 1997 to be exact), I built websites such as, and several others, which all run on a custom Content Management System I developed called GCMS. I still manage those sites, but my focus has switched towards building add-ons for the popular ExpressionEngine CMS and working as a webdeveloper at Wendrich Reclame since Austust 2009.

That's where I became familiar with Magento, an open source e-commerce platform, which was also used for my sister's webshop for children's clothing:

I hope you find the add-ons I've created useful. They are all free to use, so if they saved you some development time, feel free to donate!

Leon Dijk
Twitter: @GWcode